You're Invited . . .

In case you only read my posts on blogger, google reader or facebook, take a minute to click over to the real deal blog and check out my somewhat cleaner design, with a couple of new pages. Plus, there's a little announcement at the top you don't want to miss:

Next Sunday, March 14th, we'll be hanging out with various small groups from our church for a little concert with Bill Mallonee and Eric Peters. Now listen, I know Derek Webb will be  in town the night before, but this is a FREE (not that these guys aren't worth paying for) show we're having, here at Providence, so there's no cover charge and no need for a babysitter. And who says you can't go to two shows in one weekend? I say, "Get while the gettin's good, folks!" Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Both these artists will tell you great stories, and make you laugh and think while singing their little hearts out. Plus they both play harmonicas, which I'm a total sucker for, like some people are for the hammer dulcimer. Seriously, it's kinda like getting Jeff Tweedy to open for the Boss. Yes, these guys are that good. They're just not that well known . . . yet. Maybe you can help change that just by coming out to the show. Then you'll tell all your friends, who'll tell all their friends, and who knows what might happen? But don't just take my word for it, check out what Relevant magazine and Christianity Today have to say about them. Or better yet, come and listen. (Have I twisted your arm enough yet?)

For all you "already fans" out there who live too far away to catch this one; why don't you look into putting together a show in your home town? It's not as tough (or expensive) as you might think. E-mail Bill here, and/or contact Eric here, for more information. And we thank you for your support!


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