Batter Up!

It was an interesting and busy weekend around here. Sam, my nearly eleven-year-old, was baptized Sunday morning at our church. He made a decision during the week of Beach Camp and told us when he got home he was ready to be baptized. My daughter, who's only seven, was baptized last summer. Their stories of belief are as different as their personalities. Sam was concerned his decision might not have been real because he didn't have a warm, fuzzy feeling after he prayed. I asked him when was the last time he had a warm, fuzzy feeling about anything, and he said, "Oh. I can't really remember." My point exactly. Laney, on the other hand, never met a warm fuzzy she didn't like. We've been talking to Sam for over two years; Laney barely took a week to make her decision.

I've worried over both of them whether or not they were sincere and truly "Christians," but the more I learn about how Christ draws people to himself, I'm reminded that they are not responsible for their own salvation. And so my prayer and belief for now is that they are both called and chosen by God, out of his lovingkindness. As we all are. I hope as they grow up, they see what following Jesus looks like in a real and practical way through the example John and I will set for them. I also pray for them to understand relationship with Him and how specifically he wants to be involved in their lives. No vagueness or sense of far-off-god.

I've thought before how the two biggest lies the Enemy pitches are: 1) There is no God. 2) Maybe there is, but He doesn't give a hoot about you. A swing at either one of those tempters is a strike, but watching them closely is a wise thing to do. Pay attention to where they land and how easily they can fool you. The true pitch, the one worth aiming for, says God is real AND He knows and cares for you. Swing away at that one. I'm not gonna guarantee a run or even first base here because after all, it is just a metaphor. But I can say without batting an eye, that I've made it all the way home before on that pitch. And nothing in the world beats that feeling. Nothing.

It sure feels great though, to think two of my babies have put on the same team shirt as me. May we all wear them well and keep on growing till the fit is just right.