Only Tuesday night?

Chores completed so far:

-- Move twin bed from oldest son's room to youngest son's room. Check.
-- Clean out oldest son's room (while he's away at camp) and procure new bed for him. No check. Need a few more days.
-- Clean out linen closet and fold and organize sheets and towels. Check.
-- Work on slipcover for upstairs sofa. Check. Almost finished, I hope.
-- Remove piles of junk from all this cleaning and take them to Goodwill or the Dump. Not even started.

Yep, I've been busy. I also went to lunch with some friends, and I have to work tomorrow. Not sure how much of the list I'll get done before Sam gets home Friday night, but I think I'll have reinforcements coming -- in the form of my parents -- Thursday or Friday.

Today's been good. I've felt positive and in a good mood for 95% of the day. That's really good for me! I'm worried about some people that I love, but their trials do not directly impact me, other than to worry and pray over them.

By the way, I'm typing directly into the blogger box -- something I rarely do. Usually it's a word document and I edit and revise heavily before posting. My new philosophy about blogging now is to be less of a perfectionist. I'll save that for my real writing. So, if you see major mistakes and are shocked that this English major who calls herself a writer could actually leave hanging for the world to see. Sorry.  (Incomplete sentences. Abound). It's just an experiment I'm trying and hoping I can actually blog  and/or write every day for awhile. No, I don't have some goal of a month or something. But that would probably be a good idea, huh?

OK, so tomorrow I will have something sure to make you smile. Hope you can stop back by. I'm gonna go rest up for the twelve three-year-olds (ten of them boys!) I'll be spending four hours with tomorrow. We're having bike day! Should be lots of fun. Until then . . . (ellipses  . . .  and other unnecessary punctuation . . . Abound!)