Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yesterday, for about five hours, all three of my children were in school. This has been happening every Monday since September. We planned it that way so I would have one day a week to myself. It's been very nice, but yesterday was extra nice because I did not start my day with a list of any kind. I did not go to the grocery store to buy groceries. I did not put on a yoga DVD and exercise. I did not vacuum or dust or mop anything. I did not make a lunch date with a friend and I did not go out to the beauty salon. I did wash one load of laundry and I did put some dirty dishes in the machine. But the most important thing I did yesterday was sit here at this laptop and journal for about ten minutes.

It was the first time I had done that in over two months, so nothing very intelligible came out, but there was this clumsily typed sentence thrown in the middle:  I need to make a commitment and I need to find some disciplikne. When I got up from the computer to go pick up my three year old, I began thinking how I wished there were a writer's version of couch potato to 5k. Then, after the kids went to bed, my husband and I watched Julie and Julia, and there was the perfect movie solution: cook everyday and blog about it. We hadn't planned ahead on this one, just ended up picking from Netflix streaming because House was a re-run, and because the Collin Farrel movie seemed a little too heavy for our moods. (Or maybe my husband just decided to give in to my choice since it was the eve of my birthday.)

So today, in light of last night's providence, I've decided to turn my comment box back on. And I'd love to hear from you - if any of you are still left out there.What sort of project, (other than a Julia Child cookbook -- I can't be a total rip off) would you like to see me tackle? Something small like taking a hot yoga class, or something crazy like learning ballet?  Mind you, I am not suffering from any grand delusion that a year from now I will be getting calls from publishers, book agents and movie makers. I'm just looking for a little impetus here, something to keep my blog from running completely out of steam, and my writing from turning into a hobby I used to have. Of course, there's still the off chance I could come up with my own idea, but since it's my birthday I get to ask other people for stuff, right? Any takers?


Kimberly said...


(Only because it's an obsession I've been putting off...)

Phil Breedlove said...

Here's my suggestion...

Did you ever watch the CBS Sunday morning show...the one that used to be hosted by Charles Kuralt, and then by some guy who always wears a bow tie (I think he may still be the host, actually)?

As I recall, there was a reporter on the show who would pick a random town somewhere in America, and then would find a phone book and stick his finger somewhere in the residential listings until it landed on someone's name. He'd call the person and ask if he could come over or meet them somewhere to talk about their life. What was interesting is that even the most random, common, "normal" person he'd encounter would have some kind of story to tell. I think we're all like that...we've got a story to tell, if someone will just give us a moment to listen to it.

So here's my suggestion...find some folks in your circle -- church, friends, whatever -- and take a few moments to interview them and find out what THEIR story is, then (with their permission of course), blog about it. Some folks will obviously say "no," and that's OK, but I'll bet there's a bunch of folks out there who wouldn't mind being known a little bit better.

You asked...I answered. And even if you don't pick this idea, I'll still enjoy eating Indian food with your husband! :-)

Rhonda said...

I'm always here and ready to read. Happy Birthday. I personally would like to see you take on karate. How fun would that be? I could live through you. Maybe a female self-defense class or pottery.

Have a happy birthday.


kedw said...

Zumba, tap dance, photography:), write a book. Whatever you do have fun and tell me about it! I love to see updates on your blog!
Happy Birthday!!!
but seriously, I think that you would really love to dance! You would be great at it too!

Ellen said...

Okay, I may be a few (well, more than a few) days late, but I love your writing style; coupling it with Phil's suggestion sounds like a character ensemble in the making.

cheri said...

Some kind of dancing...ballroom, belly, tap, jazz, contemporary, swing, country line dancing or otherwise. Whatever you do...it would be great fun to read about your journey as you learn how to dance!

Teela said...

all these suggestions sound good to me,but how about blogging about the relationship between you and your off the wall, w/ 1/2 a brain psychotic mom? That might help both of us! AHAHA. Seriously, write from your heart, your experiences and remembrances on growing up a PK and all the moves, loves, broken hearts, blessings and curses. It would make for a best seller and who knows...maybe a "thriller". HA! I just hope you get time to get your thoughts on paper.
Last night, I was telling dad, I need to hurry and finish my "life book" before I die, and we laughed, him saying it would be finished then. But I want something tangible to pass down, to prove that there once was a girl named Teela, and my story in a capsule.