Lacking Motivation

Imagine a country music video of this song, with Kenny going through all the motions he sings about and ending up sitting in his dining room near the end of the second verse. When the infamous "she" who "believes in me " walks into the kitchen, hair disheveled and wearing a white men's shirt, unbuttoned at the top, like all the ladies who've been just gotten out of bed in country music videos, turns on the light, grabs the "gi-tar" shoves it into his lap and screams:

"I am tired of all your mooning and fantasizing. Get up and write a song already! Stop singing to a lonely corner and get yourself out there in front of people. Stop waiting for that "special night," buddy 'cause it came and went a LONG time ago and if you're ever gonna "change the world" it ain't gonna be from sittin' here at the damn kitchen table!"

That pretty much happened to me this morning. And I guess I probably deserved it. Thanks for believing in me anyway, John.

**In other news, look for my new poems to be posted on Mondays now. I believe that's a schedule that will work better for me. See you then.


Katherine said...

Those Johns and Jarons... they're quite good for an occasional kick in the pants it seems...

Looking forward to Monday!

Cheri Hogrefe said...

Does this post get thrown into the labeling category of "therapy", "self esteem", "healing", or "friends"? HAHAHA