Precious Light

Two weeks ago I took my kids to the movies to see the Tale of Desperaux. I had not read the book before, but I fell in love with the story during the first few minutes of the film. The narrator was telling us about the birth of Desperaux and how he had very large ears, big eyes and a strong sniffer. "So from the very beginning," she says, "Desperaux mouse heard more, saw more, and even smelled more than most." How could I not love a mouse like that?

The next day we went to the library and I borrowed the book so I could read it on the way to Orlando, where we went for our family vacation. I think I smiled the entire time I was reading. Such a pure and simple story, but so much truth and light. Bravo, Kate DeCamillo!

We left for our trip on Sunday after church and spent most of Monday relaxing by the pool. Tuesday we went took the kids to the Magic Kingdom. Wednesday was another rest day and Thursday John and I took our oldest, Sam, to Universal Studios. Our destination: The amazing world of Harry Potter! On Friday we rested again and on Saturday we came home.

It wasn't exactly the kind of trip we planned, because we didn't do a whole lot of planning. But our flexibility allowed us to see all the people we wanted to see and experience the fun things we hoped to experience. The first night we were there, I wrote out a little prayer in my journal and as the ink ran out of my pen, I asked for our family to be strengthened by our time away.

I can't say for sure if that hefty prayer has been completely answered yet, but my mind is filled with more happy memories than I can share in this post. I can't seem to tie things together like I want to right now, but the idea that I started the trip with a little mouse, and got to see lots of magical things along the way is what sticks out to me the most. And now that we're back in the real world, I hope to keep seeing it through new eyes. It feels a bit like the little girl in my heart came out to play while we were in Florida, and gosh, I sure do like that smile on her face! 


Phil B. said...

It's tremendously unfair to show a pic of what I can only assume is a mug and lip-smatter of butter beer without even a passing mention of whether it's any good or not...though I can't say I've heard a single note to the negative about it yet.

Janna Barber said...

Delicious!! Sorry, Phil. You're right. Although there was discussion about whether frozen or regular was better. John likes frozen, I like regular. And, Sam didn't like either -- but he doesn't like much, never has.

Phil B. said...

When beverages are offered in "frozen" and "on the rocks" varieties, I'm normally on the side of the rocks. Re: Sam...I was the same way. I'll bet he eventually grows out of it. There's no way a young man who's undoubtedly been exposed to a veritable United Nations of food choices by his father could ever stick in the finicky category all his life.

Jen said...

I wandered here from The Rabbit Room, and seeing a mention of my homeland made me want to comment. I still haven't visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Someday...

Glad you had a good time in Orlando! And I read The Tale of Despereaux this year... loved it! Such an awesome little mouse. (for the record, I have no kids. =))