my scratchy throat and this fall day, with a few necessary hormones thrown in for good measure

Or what we did instead of going to Ladies Bible Study this morning.

It is almost 2 pm. I am still in my nightgown, with a blanket wrapped around me. I got up around 9 am because I woke up feeling poorly and decided to sleep in a little. I have written around 700 new words today and fiddled around with quite a few old ones. I have consumed one bowl of cereal, one cup of tea and 1/2 cup of cider. My son also got caught up on sleep today and didn't get up until almost ten. He has eaten breakfast, stayed in his jammies and watched 3? episodes of cartoons. It is now time for  both of us to eat lunch and return to the cool and rainy three-dimensional world.Good day so far. Wish us luck for the rest of it!

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Anonymous said...

Hope y'all feel well. Got a Friday quote for you. "believe nothing you hear and half of what you see."