Is it raining with you?

Ah, the blank page. And quiet, except for the rain outside. It’s been so incredibly long, and I have to get the random jumble of thoughts scraped off the bottom before we can start adding new things to the pan. I have several emails to return as well as a new facebook group I was hoping to get going. It’s tempting right now to go on that site and just look at pics and read updates and I’m certainly seeing already that it was a good decision to swear it off for the week. I have to get back in this writing groove. Of course there are other grooves I’d like to find as well, like exercising and having the house in order and the groceries bought in a timely fashion, not to mention cooking a real meal most nights. Why is discipline and organization so hard for me?

Ack -- I don't know! Discipline is hard for everyone I guess, but some people can do hard things, huh? We bought  a domain for me a couple of months ago, but it's on wordpress and I still don't know how to work it as well as blogger. I'll let you know when I get it up and running. Hopefully it will look better than this one, and also have a bit more interactive functionality.(No, I don't really know what I'm talking about, and yes, this paragraph is rather disjointed) Anyhow, because of all the crummy weather we've been having here lately, I woke up and thought of this song:

One of the things I love about Annie is how she's able to sing about such sad, sad things, but her music still makes you wanna dance. It's a rare combination, and right now it reminds me of the meeting we had with our small group last night. Our wise, and brave, leader suggested we tackle prayer requests first. We're following along with something our church is doing this year called the Journey, and part of that is a commitment to read through the Bible chronologically this year. This week's readings were from Genesis, and mostly about Abraham. Everyone in our group was really familiar with the passages covered, so it was okay that we ran out of time to answer our discussion questions. 

Once we all got to talking, it was obvious that we needed to catch up on one another's lives. When we were headed home, I was remembering what everyone had shared and how most of us have some pretty tough situations we're dealing with in our lives right now. Sometimes, it seems like these things will never get better and it's easy to get discouraged. But during, and after, our time together, the overall feeling was relief. It's comforting to be able to unload your suitcase every now and then with your friends, and to know they won't run away from whatever's hiding in the smelly corners. They may not always know the best way to clean it out, but if they're able to help you carry it for awhile, well that makes it worth opening up.

Here's hoping we all start sharing more. See ya soon.

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Cheri Hogrefe said...

I love the feeling of actually "living life together" that I'm experiencing right now. I hope I always have that in some way. And I'm hoping to grow old together with you folks!