A Writing Pep Talk, part 1

Sometimes it takes a few keystrokes to get going before motor memory takes over, but you still have to take that first step. Get off the internet. Do not log on to facebook! Open a document. Pick a crazy font, something spectacularly ugly, or something you really, really like. Turn on some music and start transcribing lyrics while you sit. Eventually, your brain will engage, I promise. Or turn off the music and type each word that pops into your head. Every fear you currently have, no matter how ridiculous. Don’t worry! This is not for publication – this is to train your fingers to type the words in your head. Soon you’ll start stringing together sentences. And maybe they’ll all suck at first. That’s ok, that makes sense actually. You have to stretch before the run, and you have to go a block before you can go a mile.

After about ten minutes, take a second look at what you have. Maybe there’s one sentence that means something to you or just a phrase that sounds nice. Take that and run with it. Build around it. Don’t give up. Promise yourself you will sit and continue to type for at least 30 minutes more. Forty minutes total for the day. If you have time after that, keep going. If not, come back and do it again the next day. And the next.  You can do this! Come on, I know you can!!

To be continued . . .

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Jen Rose said...

I read this yesterday. Then came back to it just now because I'm about to start an essay and needed a pep talk.

Thank you Janna. Long live ugly fonts!