I drew this picture earlier today...with my left hand. Is that where the non-literal part of my brain has been hiding all these years?

We're in the middle of a major transition right now, and I've been not writing about it for far too long. In fact, I've actually manifested some physical symptoms. And they're not good.

So last night I wrote some things out by hand, with a pencil. Then I threw the paper away. The stress in the right side of my neck lessened and I felt a lightness above my shoulder. I was told to expect this, but it still surprised me when it happened. And then I laughed at myself and thought, of course this helps. You are a writer after all.

Next week I go to the beach. Whether it shows up here or not, I'll be writing. Here's hoping we can all find more ways to un-stuff. Blessings, luck and progress. Bonjour!

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Jen Rose said...

It's true! If I go too long without honest, soul-nurturing writing, I get depressed and tense and just... blah. It's what we do to decompress, right?

Enjoy the beach! And write it all out. I hope this major transition goes smoothly.