A Brand New Part to Play

Tomorrow I'll put on a brand new hat -- the hat of a working mom. Yes, it's true that I've had several part-time jobs over the last thirteen years, but tomorrow I begin a job which requires my presence five days a week. The saving grace of it is that I get off at three, so I'll be home when the kids finish school. This is an adjustment for me. Getting up early and dressing like a grown-up every single day feels like a bit of a hard thing to do. And the thought of giving up the free time which I've been looking forward to for years is a little sad for me as well. Yet pushing behind all that change is a breeze of excitement, because of the actual job I'm taking.

I did not simply add three more days of pre-k, I won't be subbing in public school five days a week, and I'm not just someone's new administrative assistant. Those are all the jobs I've looked into the past few months, but the one I'm taking fell into my lap two weeks ago. It's a position where I get to write, and edit and generally get paid to be creative. Can you believe it? Who knew such jobs existed in the world? Not me. I figured I'd be settling for some job I didn't love, which pays me in beans, for the rest of my life.

I can't say for sure how or why this all happened. There's a large part of me that wants to chalk it up to coincidence and general good luck, but there's a smaller part of me that wonders if  it is a gift and a path put before me by the One who shines light on all our paths. And it's the smaller part I'm listening to on this grey and rainy Labor Day. I'm hoping and praying for that small shimmering part of my heart, that it will grow bigger and become stronger and more confident as I continue down this new path.

Wish me luck faith?

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