Just another golden night

What do you do when your spouse’s birthday is looming large and you haven’t bought him a gift yet? When work is stressful, the kids are right in the middle of back to school hullabaloo, and an unresolved family situation finally bites the dust? The short answer: go to a rock concert. The long answer:

Pick a show without consulting your spouse first, so it can be a surprise birthday present for him. Forget about the fact that it’s a 3 hour drive to the venue and scheduled for a Thursday night when you don’t have any more vacation days left at work. Don’t give your husband any clues about what you’re doing and make sure to leave right before dinner on an empty stomach. That way you’ll be good and nervous the whole way there but you can just blame it on hunger when you start feeling jittery. After all,

How do you know that you’re right, if you’re not nervous anymore?

It’d also be great if you could control the weather and the quality of the venue, but maybe you’ll be so caught up in making arrangements for childcare and travel plans that you won’t even realize it’s an open air theatre until you get there. But then you’ll be lucky enough to see that the weather couldn’t be more perfect for an evening outdoors and the varying waves of air swimming over your skin will remind you that sometimes there’s just no way to tell whether it’s the soft breeze of late summer or the weak wind of an early fall.

Then you’ll find your seats on the back row after spotting two people wearing The Killers t-shirts, which verify to your smiling man that his suspicions have finally been confirmed. But the best part will be the embarrassing public display of affection he lays on you just after you visit the ladies’ room.

You gotta know that this is real, baby why you wanna fight it?

Because you both know that there’s something about live music that just can’t be put into words, no matter how many posts you write. And to experience communal singing with a large group of strangers is a spiritual experience, even for those who don’t believe in anything.
Never mind the fact that Brandon Flowers looks like he’s standing behind a pulpit when he plays keys behind that multi-colored LED lightning bolt. It’s too obvious of a comparison – you really don’t have to go there.

The providential thing you’ll realize halfway through the show is that this is one of the few bands that you could’ve dismissed ten years ago as just another post-eighties, angst ridden, cynical crew, but they’re not. The guys on stage didn’t become bitter about their early success and equally impressive disappearing act. No, they held on. They rose again. They sang even when it cost them and kept on writing lyrics from the heart. 

All of our plans have fallen through
Sometimes a dream, it don't come true

How we spend the dash on our headstones matters, just as much as those we spend it with. So take the time to rock out every now and again with people that you love. Even when, or maybe especially when, you don’t have any time or answers left. How else can you lend your voice to the mass of people embracing mortality, yet still holding on to hope?

Will your system be alright?
When you dream of home tonight
There is no message we're receiving
Let me know, is your heart still beating?

Because life is beautiful and life is tragic, often at the same time. People you love most can hurt you the worst, but the meanest, thinnest places sometimes provide the freshest air.

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