That's how many words I wrote today. Approximately. Not too shabby for my first day of not working at a job outside my house and being a stay-at-home-mom and writer-until-I-finish-this-damn-book! Ha. I hope that sounds more determined than angry. Determined is something I don't do very well, hence the unfinished book I've been working on for the last three years. But today I'm turning over a new leaf. Yep, that's right. I quit my job and I'm all in.

What will we do for money? Well, thankfully my husband still has his job, and I'm planning to use some of my newly found free time to help us stick to a tighter budget and return to a simpler (cheaper) lifestyle. I'm thrilled that I have this option for now, while all three kids are in school and it feels like my heart and mind are in the shape they need to be in to finish this task.

The first 650 of my words came out pretty quickly this morning. I had an idea about something I needed to tell about a week ago, and it just took shape in the past several days and felt like it all came tumbling out just as soon as I woke up. I know every day won't be like that. In fact, I'm rather anxious about that fact, but for today let's just enjoy the accomplishment and focus on a healthy new beginning.

I've got just over 30 pages so far, divided into 3 chapters. Like I said, this is something I've been working on for quite awhile, but what's changing lately is I feel like I've finally found my voice. That sounds like such a writing cliche, but it's true. For this particular story, for the longest time I was just too heavy and I kept getting bogged down. Now it feels like I know where I'm going and it's not going to be painful for anyone else to read when I finish it. At least, not in a bad way.

So my plan for this blog from here on out is that it will be the place where I skim the top of the soup bowl every morning and stir the contents a bit as the fire warms up. Don't come here expecting great, well-thought-out, important and well-written essays. (Like you ever have) No, this will be the place I do my morning stretches when I need to and there'll probably be lots of unnecessary commas and confusion.

I guess that's all I got for now. I'm so glad that some folks still stop in here now and again. You're a great encouragement to me! Before I go, let me leave a link to the last post I wrote over at the Rabbit Room, in case you missed it when I linked on FB.

Speaking of FB, I'm thinking of making a Rainbow Dull profile there so I can let people who want to follow it and I won't (hopefully) feel weird anymore about linking on my regular profile where some of my friends are not really interested in my writing. (Yeah, can you believe those weirdos?) Anyhow, just a thought I've been thinking about and wondering if it would be worth it. I've had some people say they don't know there's anything new over here unless I post it on FB, and then sometimes I do but people still don't see it. So, if there's a page for them to "like" or "follow" that leaves the ball in their court, right? If you've got thoughts or experiences here, let me know. And if you're not on FB, please send me an email so I can see about setting up something else for you if you'd like to get weekly/daily updates. I'll leave my email address in the comments. Thanks so much!

Gotta go do some laundry now. See ya soon! (Make that 850 + 651!)


Ellen Bright said...

Yea! I like it when you skim the soup bowl. Looking forward to 'liking' your new FB page.

Janna Barber said...

forgot to put me email address here: jbbaby76[at]yahoo