I’ve often heard the siren song
of self destruction and I longed
to end it all.

It’s not to hurt the ones I love
--it’s just myself I can not trust.

My mind says things which are not true.
My heart gets lost inside the blue

-est black
of darkest night, while
I search and search to find the light.

To feel some warmth, to believe in love,
I look up to the skies above.

"Go tell someone," he says to me.
"It’s not your fault that you can’t see."

So I'm writing this down
to throw out a rope. It’s all
trite with rhyme, but I still hope

it reaches us in time. To convince you, too
that though we’re blind. We are never alone.

I’m still out here - I’m climbing up.
Let’s make this work; just don’t give up!

Together, we
can reach
the top.


suzishepherd said...

Thank you, Janna.

Anonymous said...

just found this... know this more than most

Unknown said...

Love this.